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Session Tips

When planning your session, here are a few things to keep in mind...

Domingo Family Photos-7128.jpg

What to wear...

For Family Sessions...You can choose a very coordinated look in which case you would have everyone wearing one of 3 colors (example: jeans, black or white combos) or you can go for a more loosely coordinated look with everyone wearing muted warm colors a several people wearing similar color families.  See photo...

For Headshots..decide if you are going for a more professional type headshot (ie suits, business attire) or a more casual headshot (casual or dressy casual). 

For Senior Sessions....This is usually a two outfit session with potential for more changes.  One is usually casual and the other a little more put together.  It can reflect their hobby or school and cap and gown is always a good option if you can find them in their school colors.

What not to wear

Yes, there are some things to avoid.  Here is a general list:

-Extremely bold bright colors especially with family photos unless that is a specific look you are going for (ie such as your favorite team theme).  Otherwise it distracts the eye and reflects that color on your skin. 

- Clothing with large print, graphics or logos.  Again especially for family photos as it is also very distracting. Unless that is truly what you wish to have highlighted.

-Clothing with small repetitive patterns.  This causes a distortion called Moire which looks like strange wavy patterns on your clothing.  A pattern with small lines, dots etc exceed the camera's sensor resolution and often cannot be removed in editing.  So avoid small plaids, checks, dots etc. 

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