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Location options...

Need some ideas for a great photography shoot location in and around Huntsville?  Check these wonderful options out for your next session...

Note - Some locations have a site fee and or admission fee while most are free.  Site fees are in addition to your booked session fee. HSVBG has a site fee but until 5/25 I have a photography pass that negates that fee for you...see additional info below.

Madeline Senior Portrait-5115.jpg
Addison and Madeline-5346.jpg
Addison Senior Portrait-5242.jpg

Huntsville Botanical Gardens

HSVBG is an absolutely beautiful location for your next photography session.  Even the winter months offer stunning backdrops. 

From now thru the end of April of 2025, I am offering sessions at this location for no upcharge.  There is normally a fee for booking a session at this location, however I currently have a HSVBG photography pass which allows for a no site fee session.  This includes garden admission for up to 4 individuals.  If you have more than that number for your session, you can purchase admission tickets for the number over 4.  Sessions must be booked early as there is an approval process thru the garden's administration.

I highly recommend capturing the golden hour for this location.  

Robbie's Senior Photos (1 of 39).jpg
Jackson's Senior Portrait (27 of 41).jpg

Downtown Huntsville

Rocket City has so many fun and wonderful backdrops for your photos!  Downtown's Big Spring Park, Constitution Park, the mural walk, the old train depot, the many beautiful churches and even the street scenes offer a diverse vibe for a photo shoot. The locations are all public so there are no site fees but weekends can be a bit of a challenge due to crowds so weekday evenings are preferred.

Mason & Bailey-9007.jpg
Jackson's Senior Portrait (36 of 41).jpg
Mason & Bailey-9111.jpg
Mason & Bailey-8963.jpg
Robbie's Senior Photos (34 of 39).jpg
Mason & Bailey-9094.jpg
Makenzie's  Senior Portrait-5868.jpg

Lowe Mill

Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment center is a great place for photos with an industrial or edgy vibe.  Perfect for Senior Photos, Headshots and more.  

Photo sessions here include 1 hour of use of their indoor photo studio in the unfinished industrial space within the complex. Lots of rustic finishes and great natural light make for beautiful photos.  We usually finish up outside near their smoke stack or one of their great murals where again the lighting plays a big role in getting those delightful hues. Lowe Mill is a great location if the weather is inclement and you do not want to reschedule your shoot, but is only open to the public on Wednesday thru Saturday 11-7.  Saturdays is very busy so weekdays are preferred.

There is a $30 site fee in addition to your normal session cost.

Whitney pagent 2023 headshots-7802.jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (43 of 43).jpg
Allie's Senior Photo (30 of 87).jpg
Abigail's Senior Photo Session (32 of 63).jpg
Addison Senior Portrait-4684.jpg

Monte Sano

Monte Sano State Park is a beautiful natural backdrop for your family, senior or engagement photos.  From the moody and beautiful Japanese Gardens to the gorgeous scenic overlooks, your choices on your "nature vibe" abound. Most of my photo shoots on the mountain will encompass several different locations within the park. Every season has something special that shines in the photos so no matter what time of year you choose, it will be a great choice.

The state park has no site fees but it does have an entrance fee of $5 per person.  The park is open 8am to sunset.  I usually start our shoots about 2 hours prior to sunset in the shaded areas and we finish up at the overlook to take advantage of the beautiful skies.  Depending on the season, Saturdays can be busy so weekdays are preferred for a more relaxed session. 

Allie's Senior Photo (84 of 87).jpg
Allie's Senior Photo (62 of 87).jpg
Domingo Family Photos-7367.jpg
Domingo Family Photos-7381.jpg
Domingo Family Photos-7616.jpg
Wofford Family Photos-LB Photography-9390.jpg
Mason Cap & Gown-8531.jpg
Domingo Family Photos-7522.jpg
Kylie's Senior Photos-7070.jpg
Bailey's Cap & Gown photos-9092.jpg
Jack's Senior photos-51.jpg
Allie's Senior Photo (44 of 87).jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (26 of 55).jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (44 of 55).jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (50 of 55).jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (47 of 55).jpg

Hays Nature Preserve

Hay's Nature Preserve is located in the Hampton Cove area and makes a beautiful backdrop for any photo shoot.  The Flint river meanders thru the preserve creating a lovely scene.  Large fields with a wooded horizon set the stage for some dramatic shots and a bridge creates architectural interest as a backdrop. There is also a nice playground area for photo sessions with little ones. 

Indian Creek Greenway at Providence

The Indian Creek Greenway portion that is located in the Village of Providence in North Huntsville/East Madison is a great spot to have a photo session.  It's generally a quiet location and has natural beauty as well as a quaint small town feel. Indian Creek runs along the greenway with several spots where photos can be taken at the waters edge.  The bridge is a whimsical backdrop and the tree lined streets among adorable houses also makes a great session location.

Analeise's Senior photo-3869.jpg
Analeise's Senior photo-3748.jpg
Bailey's Cap & Gown photos-9332.jpg
Alex's Senior Session (24 of 73).jpg
Addison Cap & Gown-6313.jpg
Rafferty Family Photo Session (24 of 47).jpg

Downtown Madison

Madison's Main Street area provides wonderful rustic and industrial backdrops for a photo shoot.  The train track run straight through downtown and the buildings are eclectic and quaint. On Front street a lovely gazebo sits near the tracks.  There are some wooded and fenced areas nearby that can also be used as nice backdrops.  During the week it is usually quiet but Saturdays can get busy. 

Rafferty Family Photo Session (4 of 47).jpg
Rafferty Family Photo Session (43 of 47).jpg
Norris Family Photo-9737.jpg
Rafferty Family Photo Session (41 of 47).jpg

The Overlook RSA

For those with Redstone Arsenal Base Access, The Overlook is a great option for a Photo Shoot.  Provided that there is not an event scheduled, we can take advantage of the pretty golf course scenery surrounding the building.  The Back Patio can be used for most of the photos and the huge magnolia is a fun southern touch for some of the photos as well.  There are a few paths that can be used provided there are not any golfers using them at that time. The golf course flags etc. will be removed from the final photos so that it looks like a large grassy area verses a golf course.  

Petrosky Family Photos 2023 (27 of 55).jpg
Norris Family Photos 2022 (11 of 73).jpg
Petrosky Family Photos 2023 (1 of 55).jpg
Norris Family Photos 2022 (29 of 73).jpg
1 (1 of 1).jpg
Petrosky Family Photos 2023 (12 of 55).jpg
Petrosky Family Photos 2023 (37 of 55).jpg
Pardew Family Photo Session (125 of 128).jpg
Pardew Family Photo Session (11 of 128).jpg
Miss Alabama- Bridgestreet (10 of 11).jpg

Bridge Street Town Center

Bridge Street is a fun location for a photo shoot whether it's a family, senior or engagement session.  It's a great place for prom and homecoming sessions as well. The buildings and landscaping give it a European feel and the carousel provides whimsical touches to your photos.  Because this is a busy public location, weekdays are best.  

WC Senior-47.jpg
WC Senior-21.jpg
WC Prom-29.jpg
WC Prom-46.jpg
WC Senior-112.jpg
Granger Family Photos-6555.jpg

Your local High School
or College campus

For Senior Sessions, the campus of your school is often a great backdrop for your photoshoot.  Timing is everything in scheduling these as they will need to be during a time that the campus is accessible but not busy.  If it's a sports field setting, we'll need to avoid practice times and game times and get permission if needed so we can access the field.  

Ryne Moore-7726.jpg
Mason Cap & Gown UAH-9422.jpg
Mason Cap & Gown UAH-9410.jpg
Bailey's Cap & Gown photos-9361.jpg
Ryne Moore-7843.jpg
Claire's Senior Photos (12 of 55).jpg

Your Own Backyard, Neighborhood or favorite location.

While we have so many choices on locations to choose from, sometimes home or our "happy places" are the best choice.  Your own backyard, neighborhood or even your church may be the perfect spot to have your photo session. If you have a large family shoot with children and pets then your own backyard or front yard may be the easiest location.  Many neighborhoods have beautiful common areas that we can hold a photo shoot at.  Sometimes simple is best!

Ethan's Senior Photo Session-3253.jpg
Albers Family Portrait (32 of 38).jpg
Johanna Senior portrait-2346-2.jpg
Harshey Family Photo Session (4 of 49).jpg
Johanna Senior portrait-2427.jpg
Barrow Family Photo 22-7909.jpg

More Locations Coming Soon...
Section and Guntersville
and more...

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