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Photography Basics Workshop

Whether you wish to get better shots of your family, kids and even your beloved pet or you want to get started on a more involved photography journey, learning camera basics and feeling comfortable getting off AUTO mode is the first step.

Join one of my basic photography workshops to get build basic camera and photography skills that will have you feeling more confident your next photos. 

These private workshops are available for individuals as well as groups.

In the workshop...

  • 2 hours of hands-on instruction and up to 1 hour of exploration time to test out your new skills with guidance.

  • Learn your camera basics and the essentials  of Manual Exposure, including the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO as well as white balance and exposure. 

  • A guide to lighting ...especially using natural light and how to use flash when necessary. 

  • Posing tips

  • Learn about lenses and your choices for different types of photography

  • Get an overview of editing options

  • A take home worksheet covering the content of the class.

What to bring...

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with your lenses

  • Your Camera Manual or have an online version on your phone or tablet

  • Notepad and Pen

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Workshop Options

Private Individual Photography Workshop


You will have one on one instruction with me. This is an ideal experience for those who learn best without any distractions. The pace and flow of instruction will be catered to you.

Private Couples Photography Workshop


Private instruction for 2.

This is a great experience to share with a friend, family member or significant other. It allows a lot more  individual instruction than the bigger groups but is fun to share the experience with someone.

Private Group

Photography Workshop


For groups of 3 to 10 friends, family or members of a club or organization. Enjoy a fun experience while learning a new skill together!

Where do we meet

We'll usually meet in a quiet coffee house or one of our beautiful parks depending on weather.  The location will have some good options to practice your new photography skills towards the end of the workshop. I will travel to a location convenient to you within the Huntsville, Madison (north & south), South Huntsville, Hampton Cove, Athens and Decatur areas.  Workshops are available weekdays or weekends, depending on my schedule at that time, however I encourage weekdays or early weeknights as it is easier to find quieter settings for our workshop. Group workshops can also be held in your home should you wish to host. Some local spots that work well are Constitution Park/Piper & Leaf, Lowe Mill/Piper & Leaf or Dragon's Forge, Lux Bru in Madison etc..

How to prep

  • Spend a day or two prior to our workshop familiarizing yourself with your camera and  manual especially how to find and change the following settings: Modes, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, RAW/JPEG selection, autofocus, focal selection points, display options.  Every camera brand is different and even within a brand the settings can be located in different areas.  We want the instruction time to be efficient and knowing where your settings are is key.  Don't worry, you'll learn what to do with them!

  • Charge your camera and your flash if you have a mounted flash.

  • Pack your bag and make sure you bring your camera with it's battery and SD card.  If you have a separate flash bring that too.

  • Where comfy clothes and shoes as we will likely be walking around towards the end of the workshop.  

  • If this is a larger group and we are meeting outside or at a park, bring a chair if you have one and something to drink and snack on. 

How to sign up...

Contact me directly at or text to 813-713-1402 and I'll be in touch to schedule your workshop.

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